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All of the dive sites are within 1 hour sailing from either Naama Bay or Sharm el Mina Jetties.   Our shuttle bus will take you to the jetty (about 10 minutes drive) and return you after your day’s diving.

Straits of Tiran

This dive location can be found in the middle of the Gulf of Aqaba approximately one and a half hours by boat from Naama Bay.
Only accessible by boat it is still well preserved compared to some of the local dive sites on the coastline. Unpredictable currents around the reefs and steep drop offs require good diving skills. Guests diving with us will never be diving this spot on their first dive day.

Four coral reefs lined up in a row are visible on the surface, actually the top of a huge coral reef back growing out of the depth.
These reefs, named after British cartographers (Gordon, Woodhouse, Thomas, Jackson), are world famous for its extraordinary diversity of corals. Sights of sharks, turtles and other big fish are possible.
Wreck remains on the outside reefs stand as a warning to ship in the narrow straits.

Ras Mohamed National Park

Ras Mohammed National Park and Marine reserve is an outstanding area of natural beauty on land and underwater.  The area is considered significant for Marine biologists due to the diverse range of marine and coral life sustained by the two bodies of water that merge here; The Gulf of Suez and The Gulf of Aqaba.

The park is protected by marine park laws which all divers must abide by to ensure the survival of such a delicate eco-system.  All of the dives are accessible by boat and a couple can be dived by shore.  A daily boat trip to Ras Mohammed National Park is a must on any SCUBA diving holiday to Sharm el Shiekh.

Like the Straits of Tiran some of the dive sites are challenging with unpredictable currents and steep drop offs.  To get the most out of these amazing dives, the Red Sea College prefer guests to dive local sites first and that all divers visiting the park have good buoyancy control.

Northern Local Dive Sites

Ras Nasrani

One of the most northern Sharm el Sheikh local sites is Ras Nasrani.  It is a popular site as it has a varied topography and can be dived as a drift, semi-drift or mooring dive.  Just around the headland is the most northern site of Ras Gamila, but this exposed site can only be dived in very calm conditions.

White Knights

White Knight is one of the most popular Sharm el Sheikh dive sites due to its versatility; basically there is something for everyone and it’s a great site for PADI specialities. The main feature is the impressive open canyon.

Far Garden

Far Garden dive site is the northern headland to the Middle Garden site.  It can be dived as either a mooring, semi-drift or drift dive although the current is normally very light.

Near Garden

Out of all of the Sharm el Sheikh local sites Near Garden is the closest to our jetty – making it ideal for divers to join our dive boat at midday for the afternoon dive.  It is located on the southern headland of Middle Garden or the northern headland of Naama Bay.

Southern Local Dive Sites


Tower is one of the Sharm el Sheikh local dive sites which offers stunning topography with a dramatic U-Shaped vertical wall formation.

Ras Um Sid

Ras Um Sid is possibly one of the most exciting Sharm el Sheikh local dive sites.  It’s a site which has a bit of everything including mixed topography, the potential of pelagic sightings and fast currents.

The Temple

Temple dive site is in the southern area of Sharm el Sheikh local dive sites.  It is a nice easy dive with interesting topography which can keep you exploring for ages.

Ras Katy

Ras Katy is the first dive site from the main marina in Sharm el Mina.  The boats normally moor between the fringing reef and the top of the main pinnacle, which reaches up to the surface; making it a popular spot for snorkelers as well as divers.