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All of the dive sites are within 1 ¼ hours of the centre and offer good diving opportunities for all levels of qualification.


Just a 5 minute boat ride from the Marina, this site offers both deep and shallow diving options. There is a resident school of yellowtail barracuda, plenty of life around the corals and the chance to see eagle rays and larger fish in the blue and deeper sections.

Marina Bay, by shore

This shore dive is ideal for Open Water training. In the shallows there are numerous pinnacles packed with anthias and other small fish and invertebrates. For the more experienced diver, drop off the bank and venture out across the reef plateau (15-30 metres) in search of larger marine life and blue spotted stingrays.

Confined Training Area, by shore

Our training area includes artificial reefs for Bubblemakers and qualified divers. Check dives are completed here prior to diving from the boats. You will be surprised by the amount of marine life now resident on the reef which includes lionfish, scorpion fish, stonefish, moray eels and sweetlips, often accompanied by schools of trevally searching for food in the sea grass. If you are lucky, you may also find a large thorny seahorse hanging around. An excellent opportunity to participate in a National Geographic Specialty course.

Zack’s Tables

Starting in 16 metres, this large dive site is made up of huge table corals standing above a sandy bottom. On occasions, currents can be a little stronger here, which can also bring good opportunities to see tuna and other fast swimming fish. Around the corals you will find large groupers, sweetlips, moray eels, scorionfish. Along with stingrays, guitar sharks have also been spotted here.

Angels Net

Home to an abundance of marine life, this site is made up of 2 coral gardens between 14 and 26 metres. Around the corals you will find large quantities of parrot fish, groupers, moray eels and blue trigger fish. Around the edges of the coral gardens you have a great opportunity to find turtles feeding in the sea grass.


One of the most popular dives in the area, the name says it all. The main dive takes place over a large coral garden from 12-18 metres, with additional pinnacles in the shallows if time allows. Here, you will find the largest variety of marine life in the area, including regular sightings of turtles on the outskirts of the garden and resident frogfish.

Ras Amira

Situated on a headland, this site offers mooring dives along with drift options. The dive starts in 5 metres at the mooring line where you can sometimes find a red frog fish on a nearby pinnacle. A coral garden gently slopes down to 12+ metres reaching a small wall from 24-30 metres. The coral garden offers the typical marine life in the area and you may get lucky in the deeper sections by finding eagle rays and perhaps the odd feathertail stingray.

Ras Amira Semi Drift

Get dropped around the corner and drift along the wall looking out for jacks and tuna. Finish the dive over the coral garden in the shallows looking for moray eels, pipefish and octopus.


Another popular dive site due to the underwater topography. A sea mount rises from 60+ metres to within 12 metres of the surface. There are pinnacles covered with anthias feeding in the currents, along with plenty of parrot fish, fusiliers, groupers, red toothed trigger fish and more. Deeper you will find large table corals providing shelter for rays and eels and you may be lucky to come across a school of batfish.


Famous for its 27 metre deep well with bright red anemone, this site is great for divers and snorkellers. Located in a bay along the coast, the scenery above water is as spectacular as that below. Large ridges of hard corals provide home to a large variety of fish, however, it is the pinnacle at the edge of the well where you find jacks darting in for prey, cornet fish hiding behind divers ready to grab unsuspecting fry and hopefully a resident frogfish joining in the action.

Fjord Drift

If conditions allow, get dropped off around the corner and end the dive over the well and on the pinnacle.

Farun Island Pinnacle

This small dive site is situated 50+ metres off the south end of Farun Island. You follow a sand channel along the bottom in around 18 metres before arriving at the site which is in 12-14 metres. The pinnacle is alive with life with good opportunities to find turtles and a pair of very large frogfish.

Farun Island Wall

The island itself provides an amazing backdrop for snorkelling and diving activities. The wall around the island drops down to around 25 metres and can be done as a drift or a mooring dive. Around the corner you may find batfish hanging in the currents, together with schools of sea bream and emperors in the mid depths. In the shallows look out for octopus and moray eels.