A magical day out on our majestic sailing ship, Henry De Monfreid. The cruise takes you to Farun Island where it is possible for all to enjoy snorkelling in the crystal clear waters of the Red Sea.
After a superb buffet lunch we set sail back to the marina.
A perfect day out for all the family!

Henry De Monfreid

The Adventurer
De Monfreid was tired of his daily life without excitement, and the ‘songs of the sirens’ had been calling him since he was a child. These circumstances and his yearning for adventure and the unknown led him to Africa at the turn of the century.

There he travelled the Red Sea, bristling with delicate lace corals, on his sailing ship full of legal and contraband cargo.Haschich imported from India or from the Pilelonnese, guns which he sold to mysterious nomads of Arabia,or the warrior tribes of Ethiopia and legendary pearls from Farsan Islands, known as ‘falling from the sky during full moon nights’.

His existence was punctuated by the most unexpected adventures, a genuine mosaic of lives at the frontiers of the impossible and unknown. Secret caches of guns under the desert sands, acquaintances with dangerous people, recognizance missions, problems with English bureaucracy, deportation to Kenya, and finally at the age of 79, 12 days adrift on the Indian Ocean! But what a brave accomplishment to sail boats lost in the violence of winds, under the fear of thick fog and the fury of the spraying avalanche of foam.

The Writer
Monfreid the intrepid is also a great fertile writer. About 17 novels recount his amazing modern epic: Audacious expeditions, rivals, and complicated hystes, indigenous tradition but also human warmness and the deep sympathy which is the link between him and his faithful native compassion.

His writing is always rich in narration where you can recognize the accurate touch of a wise portraitist, the remarks of the psychologist and the deep thoughts of the moralist.

The whole of his work is delicately scattered with words that are colourful and musical. The prose is married to an innate sense of rhythm, ‘the night coming when the sky becomes pink and purple all the Red Sea blaze with the golden islands and her reefs of emerald’ and moving descriptions of peoples agony.

The Watercolour Painter
Apart from being a novelist, he has the added talent and passion of a painter ‘1001 watercolours’. During 40 years, he said, ‘I started at the reflection of what I loved’. He refused to put in his work with flashy exoticism. His paintings are peaceful so to make people forget the rawness of his trips.

He only wanted to translate the feelings and his first emotions. You will be sensitive to the balance and the simplicity of his paintings. Colours going from light gold to ochre and brown. The luminosity of the blue lost in the transparence of the water.

Sunset Cruises

Enjoy a romantic sundown drink, whilst watching the stunning sunset over the Sinai mountains.