An increasing number of hobby-sportsmen and windsurfers are fascinated by catamaran sailing.
Learning catamaran sailing has never been that easy. Even kids and teenagers can turn their dream into reality.
How come? You can learn the basics of this type of sport in a few hours. Visiting a good school is the key to a quick success: modern catamarans are used there, guaranteeing a secure and fast way to learn sailing. By using the latest training methods, professional instructors teach you to handle the catamaran in a few hours.

I would like to rent a catamaran – do watersports centres recognise the basic licence?

Yes, they do. Schools which also propose official licences generally recognise the complete practice part, meaning that after a short introduction the exam for an official paper can be passed. As to the catamaran basic licence: even it is not an official paper, it constitutes a proof of your basic training and the corresponding examination, illustrating by this that you acquired catamaran-specific knowledge and skills. Moreover, the catamaran basic-licence facilitates the renting of a cat and is recognised by every VDWS-school, home or abroad.