Unlike the days past where one would have to run off a dock or straight off the beach, our parasailing operation uses state of the art equipment, including a custom build Paracraft Warrior 33 winch boat.

How does it work?

After signing in at the centre, you are taken to the jetty at our beach where the boat is waiting. Once on board, you are securely harnessed in and lifted up slowly, as if you were floating on air. You never even have to get wet! And if you like to be dunked in the sea near the end of your ride, just let the Captain know.

Can more than one person go at one time?

You bet! You can go by yourself and enjoy at peace the beautiful scenery, or you could enjoy the experience with somebody special using the “doubleizer bar”, or we can even fly 3 people using the “tripleizer bar”.

Can anyone parasail?

Anybody with a weight of at least 30 kilos and aged 6 years or up can fly. We’ve had people aged 87 experience the thrill of parasailing. Certain weather conditions may pose limitations to the operation schedule.

Is parasailing safe overall?

Statistically parasailing is a very safe activity. Our equipment is checked on a daily basis, is state of the art and complies with international standards. Our staff is trained by internationally recognized organizations to provide you with the safest experience possible.