The Disney classic “The Little Mermaid” tells of a beautiful mermaid falling in love with a man from the surface. The tragic tale where the mermaid sells her voice to the evil witch in return for a life on land, ends happily, (as one expects from Disney) when she gets her voice returned and is able to live for ever after with her Prince Charming. We think that this curious frog fish from Taba had delusions of a terrestrial life when she made some rather amorous advances towards one of our divers. We all know divers are not allowed to touch the fish, but it seems that the fish have not been informed of this rule. Peter De Winter was extremely lucky when diving with Gary Maguire at our Red Sea Waterworld branch to have such a rare close encounter.

Perhaps the curious frogfish was confused with various fairy tales and hoping for a kiss to turn her into a Princess. Peter, please let us know how it works out for the two of you?